Sunday, 16 October 2016

Knock, Draw, Loose

Hey there,

It has been a while since i posted here. I started the rework of the knights really enthousiastically. And I definitely haven't forgotten them. In fact I have made quite some progress already. I did however not have the time to take decent pictures and the ones I'm about to show you are not my favourites.

But I have been working on finding a new job and as anyone knows that has ever done this thoroughly this is a fulltime thing in itself.
I won't bore you too much with it and will make sure I am still posting here.

Here are the first 6 archers.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Starting Over

As so often with my projects I wasnt happy with what I had made. Mainly because from a rules point of view it didn't really connect.

I therefore decided to set up 2 new basic armies. I will then after those are done redistribute my already painted models and set them up in new units and I will slowly expand the armies.

First army will consist out of  a unit of heavy cavalry and one of light cavalry, some spearmen, archers and foot knights.

The second one will be similar but instead of archers I will give them crossbowmen.

This is what I already built up.

More soon as I am painting this rather fast because I would like to play a game with these wonderful miniatures.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

SAGA Worthy Progress

Hey there,

I made some progress on my SAGA army (armies). I created a new leader and some warriors.

This is what everything looks like right now set up together.

Quite a few new ones but not everything has proper basing yet or is standing next to a decent unit. I will fix that in time and post some pictures of it. 

This is the new leader. I named him Halvar.

These new warriors got finished and I made them with the intention to leave them together. I went with a more pagan look for these. 

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Valhalla Awaits

When I started this blog I made mention of the fact that I had then recently gotten myself interested in SAGA. A game that hasn't seen much of my table since then. Until now. I recently felt I should maybe explore my models and add some to it. So I did. But I have not yet posted any of them here so I will do so now as I'm already nearing the finishing of a small warband. I have replaced some models with better looking ones.

I love the dark ages, so many interesting cultures and customs. The Pagans' love for life is one that I always found fascinating and kind of envy.

For this project I am creating several warbands again because I do have a playing partner but not one that collects the game too.

The Idea also was that I would build on and when I would feel like playing I could grab models off the shelves that could either serve as Vikings, Anglo-Danes, Anglo-Saxon or maybe even Joms Vikings. I will create several leaders so one can pick those up and choose them for their warbands leader at least.

In the end most of the warriors wear mail and a round shield. I hope to at some point own enough models to make this possible but I think I am well on my way.

Here is a small overview of what is finished so far.

This is my first leader. I named him Tostig. He is accompanied by a saxon banner bearer but that could always represent something else. The bearer is not stuck to the same base.

 A small unit of Warriors.

 And the second.

More to come soon.