Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Solace Campaign

Hey everyone,

Some time ago I managed to convince a good friend to finally play a game with me. We decided on late 15th century medieval forces and we will use the plastic perry collection.

I was happy to start a new project with so many plastics to mix and mash to my hearts desire. 

I named this my Solace Campaign because I am at a bit of a stand still in my life right now. There are probably a few people that would get upset by me calling it this. The thing is that I am fighting the black fog of depression. What has managed to keep this at bay for a while now is making progress with my miniature projects. up until now this seems to be a thing that lowers that pressure for me and I felt it would be a good name for a project that has no significant background besides a style choice.  I really hope to build something amazing here and hopefully as I am working on this I can compare the progress of the army to me getting better. 

We decided to go with Lion Rampant as ruleset. My models will have a strong German vibe but as I don't know too much about the time I am allowing myself full creative freedom and mainly let myself be inspired by it. 

So far I have finished my leader and two of his men at arms.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

One More Shiny Post

Hey everyone. I know I said that I wouldn't do this too often. Although I get a lot of positive feedback on this. There has been a development in the form of me finding an opponent willing to play medieval battles with me. We did decide to go with the perry miniatures of the late 15th century.

So I have decided to put my attention on that to make swift progress.

I still have a few things I want to show you from the other project that I will put on hold for a bit.

Without trying to be too mysterious or anything. I present you with some more pictures of things that are almost done.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Something To Look At

I'm usually not in the habit of posting things that aren't quite done yet. I tend to post full or half units first. But over the past few weeks I've managed to spend a lot of time with my miniatures and a lot of half finished stuff got made. I love to create some scenic pictures with them. I really loved what came out and I thought I'd share that here already.

I will make sure to get some pictures of all the finished stuff to post here properly.

First off my model of Jean D'arc. I named her Amelia since I dont really hold to any actual characters. She is seen here leading her men to the battlefront.

Cavalry moving in on the enemy. 


Hey there.

Some small update on some things I have been working on for my medieval army. It seems that is the only thing I feel I am allowed to work on until there stands at least some kind of finished force. Which is rapidly reaching it's goal. Well not really because I think this will never be really done.


Here are some new archers and a knight.